Every human being is different. And every Stream sleep system too.

With the new philrouge Stream, individual comfort requirements in terms of the perfect sleeping surface are finally the measure of all things. The latest generation of the intelligent sleep system takes into account not just your body weight, but your height and your shoulder and hip width too. Comparable with an airstream, which gently flows around a person, the intelligent sleep system adapts to the body more precisely than ever before.

Like a tailor-made suit

Thanks to the unique flexibility and freedom of movement of the spring suspension, the ergonomic adaptation of a Stream bed can be compared with the tailoring of a made-to-measure suit. The end result is a custom-made sleep system of real Swiss quality. The path to success is extremely straightforward, as the perfect comfort setting of a Stream sleep system is found quickly. Simply trying out the mattress in a specialist shop is all it takes. With the help of what we call the Stream-motion measuring bed, the ergonomic data can be automatically calculated after just a few minutes. What is most pleasing, however, is how you are able to immediately feel the computer-assisted adjustments of the spring suspension. The different settings can also be effortlessly compared with each other without losing any time. Even the subtlest of nuances in the setting can therefore be felt immediately!

Perfect adaptation of the sleeping surface

Thanks to the unique flexibility and freedom of movement of the Stream spring suspension, it is possible for the sleeping surface (Floating Zone System) to fluidly adapt to the different body zones with ease. Ultimately, it is not only the height of each pair of slats that can be adjusted; each pair of slats can also be precisely positioned in virtually any horizontal location where it makes the most ergonomic sense. The whole beneficial effect of the individual customisation can be felt when combined with a specially designed Stream mattress. The mattresses are designed in such a way that they perfectly transfer the flexible properties of the spring suspension to the person lying on the bed. Three mattress models are available with core heights of 16, 18 and 22 cm, each in three levels of firmness and with three cover options.


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