EOS BOXSPRING – the first 100%-customisable Boxspring.

Personal sleeping comfort is achieved through the perfectly co-ordinated combination of spring suspension and mattress. The myriad adjustment options and the point-elastic pocket spring mattress ensure that the lumbar vertebrae are gently supported, while the shoulders and buttocks are noticeably relieved of pressure.

EOS Ergo

With the adjustable shoulder and buttock zones, the Boxspring now also allows sleep comfort to be individually customised.

EOS Relax

Thanks to the multiple-motor technology, the Boxspring bed can now also offer different relaxation functions.

EOS box spring.
Enjoy divine
sleeping comfort.

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EOS Ergo
For instant ergonomic

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EOS Relax
100 % adjustable.

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EOS Boxspring


With EOS box spring, you enjoy the benefits
of a worthwhile investment in lasting values
and your well-being night after night.

Perfect adaptation

The secret of this outstanding lying comfort is concealed inside: the point-elastic EOS spring suspension provides gentle yet extremely efficient support.

premium comfort

EOS – the premium bed for superb sleeping comfort. A blend of first-class craftsmanship, innovative selection of material and classic aesthetics.

true handicraft

Enjoy the difference thanks to true craftsmanship in the purest of forms. Every detail is crafted with passion and careful attention.


Perfect sleeping comfort is also always a question of personal taste. The EOS box spring range offers an endless number of combination possibilities to appropriately adapt your dream bed to your exact needs and the preferred decorating style.



With this version, the topper is simply covered with a fitted sheet. Because the mattress is – as the box and headboard – furnished with a fine upholstery cover of your choice.

west europe


In this version of the EOS box spring bed, the mattresses are equipped with one of a selection of high-quality mattress covers.