Restful sleep is of vital importance to our well-being. Choosing the right bed therefore has a direct impact on our productivity and our quality of life. It’s good to know that Sanapur provides you with an oasis of relaxation and regeneration night after night on account of its special properties. This is the best way to be able to get the day off to an energetic start in the morning

Innovation from the healthcare sector

Made from pressure-relieving materials originally developed for the healthcare sector, Sanapur satisfies the most exacting requirements in terms of ergonomic lying comfort. The foams used adapt to the body shape like a second skin, whilst simultaneously providing support and relieving pressure from sensitive parts of the body.

Development collaboration with specialists

During the development of Sanapur, ergonomic experts and experienced therapists were involved and contributed their knowledge. No detail has been omitted. This can also be seen, for example, in the mattress core structure with its ingenious ventilation technology, or in the choice of materials which are kind to the skin and able to breathe.

Extra flexible spring suspension

The Sanapur spring suspension forms the basis for unparalleled sleeping comfort, and perfectly complements the special properties of the mattress. The ergonomically designed support elements are carefully tailored to the different zones of the body.

Sanapur pillow

The Sanapur pillow allows an ergonomically ideal resting position thanks to its unusual shape and unique material consistency. This promotes soothing relaxation of the entire body, whether lying on your back or side. The shoulder recess and head hollow ensure a pleasantly even pressure distribution and provide gentle but extremely effective support for the neck and shoulder area.


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