With Philrouge you have made a decision for quality. Selected raw materials, meticulous workmanship combined with regular quality checks ensure that stability, function and comfort are maintained for many years. For this to be ensured in the long run, we ask you to check the package insert for use and care instructions.

We offer a ten-year pro-rata warranty that covers any defects in the materials or workmanship. During the first two years from the date of manufacture, we offer a full warranty. For repairs or replacements from the third year onwards, an annual depreciation of 10% is factored in: 

By registering online, the full warranty is extended by one year to three years.

Without extended warranty With extended warranty
3rd year: 20% 4th year: 30%
4th year: 30% 5th year: 40%
5th year: 40% 6th year: 50%
6th year: 50% 7th year: 60%
7th year: 60% 8th year: 70%
8th year: 70% 9th year: 80%
9th year: 80% 10th year: 90%
10th year: 90%  

This ten-year pro-rata warranty applies to spring suspensions and mattress cores. Pillows and mattress covers as well as electronic and electrical components are only covered by our full two-year warranty. By registering online, this warranty is also extended by one year to three years.

Defects from the following causes are excluded from the warranty: Misuse, normal wear and tear, unauthorised modification of the product, as well as the combination of mattresses with inappropriate spring suspensions.

In case of a warranty claim, we will repair or exchange the product. In case of repair, the function of the product is fully restored. Optical and/or technical adjustments are possible as a result.
We reserve the right to repair the product twice or replace it. The warranty period is thereby neither restricted nor interrupted.

To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for consequential damages.

Incidental transportation and installation costs are to be borne by the customer. The claim for replacement service during this period does not exist.

To exercise your warranty claim, your dealer is your contact partner. So please save the sales receipt for your records.


Take the opportunity to extend your full warranty from two to three years at no extra cost.

The extended warranty must be requested within 30 days from the date of delivery.

For any queries or concerns, please contact your Philrouge specialist retail partner.

Register and apply for an extended warranty:

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