High quality for ultimate sleeping comfort

Philrouge Quality

The Philrouge quality label is a guarantee that the materials and finishing of your product meet the highest possible standards. We ensure this by selecting high-quality raw materials, finishing them in meticulous detail and carrying out regular quality inspections. We guarantee the highest Swiss quality.


Our Floating-Zone-System® reacts to all manner of body contours, sizes and weights. The individual ergonomic values are detected and accurately relayed to the spring suspension. This means that support and relief zones are provided exactly where the body needs them.

Coonex® Foam Technology

Coonex® foam combines exceptional carrying capacity with high point elasticity – properties that ensure the body sinks gently yet is supported efficiently. In addition, the open cell structure ensures an intensive exchange of air, heat and moisture, and thus a pleasantly balanced bed climate. Thanks to the use of selected vegetable oil-based raw materials, the foam also has excellent aging properties.