Perfect height

Thanks to the multiple-motor technology, the boxspring bed can now also offer different relaxation functions. With a lying surface that can be adjusted in height by up to eighty centimetres, the Eos Relax is also suitable for assisted living and home care.

Other benefits

  • Bed frame without mattress can be adjusted in height by up to 80 cm, making it possible to obtain the perfect height to provide care to those in need.
  • Switchable between legs and castors.
  • Can be combined with the Manhattan and Brooklyn Eos Slim headboards using the wall fitting.
  • Includes foot bar and under-bed lighting.
  • Can be fitted with an infusion holder and trapeze bar including triangular handle.
  • The Eos Relax meets the requirements of EN 60601-1-52 for care and medical beds and complies with EU Directive 93/42 EEC.
  • The Souplesse 18 and 22 pocket spring mattresses, which are available in three firmness levels and with zone support, are recommended.
  • Easy to use thanks to the integrated, handheld controller.
  • The versatile adjustment options mean that various ailments, such as back, neck, hip and knee problems, as well as asthma, reflux, heart or even circulatory problems, can be catered for.